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Faith Formation is most productive when it compliments the faith lived out each and every day by families centered on the Sunday Mass. Faith Formation is offered by our parish to assist parents in teaching the Catholic faith to the youth. 

ChristPantocrator_000We teach the faith.

We prepare for the sacraments.

We welcome new Catholics (and those thinking about it).

Age groups differ in how best to be engaged by our incredible Catholic Faith.  We have developed a course based high school program where students choose and select from optional and required courses. Using Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition we explore the deep riches of Catholicism. The High School program offers a flexible schedule which allows our students to maintain multiple commitments and their primary faith.

Our grade and middle school programs offer two different time offerings (4:30 & 6pm) to better fit busy schedules. We also work with home school families. Call us 757-6555 ext. 207 or 208 for a guide and to answer questions.


Parents are the first educators in the faith lives of their children.  Families form the domestic church and prepare children to live as Catholic men and women.  Children learn how the faith is practiced and lived out by their parents first.  Faith Formation helps parents by teaching the doctrines and dogmas of our faith. 

Our Mission is to help raise faithful Catholics on fire with love for Jesus Christ and His Church. 

Praised be Jesus Christ!!

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Monday - Thursday:  8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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