infetilityDealing with fertility issues can be challenging and cause struggles within a marriage.  Our Elizabeth Ministry program works with couples who struggle with fertility.  We also help couples facing the difficulty of miscarriage.  Our miscarriage ministry and Miscarriage Memorial uphold the dignity of life and can help with the grieving process.  Contact the parish for more details for more details.

Unplanned pregnancy?  There are many organizations and people who want to help you through this.  Appleton has a crisis pregnancy center that also helps with things like diapers, clothes and all the things a baby needs.  Womankind Medical Clinic and Fox Valley Mother and Unborn Baby Care are trained to help you through any crisis pregnancy.  They help expectant mothers with training, financial planning, testing, and a lot of other services. 

Fertility problems can sometimes be overcome through natural methods.  Natural Family Planning is a safe and natural way to help improve the chances for conception.  Visit the area of our website dedicated to Natural Family Planning to gain more information on this lifestyle that helps couples achieve or avoid pregnancy safely and naturally.  You can also contact Laura Mulloy for more information on Natural Family Planning at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Diocese of Green Bay also provides aid to those with an unplanned pregnancy.  Vist the their website for more information by clicking here.  

Check out the counseling and services provided by Elizabeth Ministry

I've had an abortion, where can I get help?

Project Rachel works with post-abortive women to help cope with the after effects of abortion.  Project Rachel can be reached through Catholic Charities of the Green Bay Diocese.  Visit Project Rachel's website at or visit the Diocese of Green Bay's website on post abortion counseling for help.


If you would like more information, or to speak with someone at St. Mary's, please call us at (920) 757-6555.

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