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Our Faith Formation program offers a Catholic education at a cost of $100 per child with a maximum of $275 per family.  Each family is also assessed a registration fee which is $25 for families with one child and $50 for families with more than one child enrolled in Faith Formation.

High school classes simply cost $25 each.  This is to make sure that families are not overcharged if their child is only enrolled in two classes.  High school fees apply to the $275 max family fee.

SCRIP is a program that allows St. Mary's to get funds from local businesses with no extra cost to our parishioners.  Local businesses generate business by giving a certain percentage from the gift cards back to St. Mary's.  Using SCRIP does not cost you anything extra, it is essentially free money for our parish. All SCRIP information can be located here. 

Each family has a SCRIP goal of $100 dollars.  After that each family gets 50% of the overage back to pay tuition or to any other fund within the parish that the family desires.  It is conceivable to pay for tuition entirely with SCRIP.

Example: A family of four spends $100 a week in gas, $100 a week in groceries, and $25 in toiletries.  The percentage back from gas is between 2% & 10%.  The percentage for groceries is between 3% & 5%.  The percentage for retail is between 2% & 13%.  So each week this family could easily bring in $5 a week in gas, $5 a week in groceries, and  $2 a week in various other purchases.  Over the course of the year that's $624 that comes to the parish without costing the parish or parishioners a dime. 

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