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Faith Formation

Adult Faith/RCIA
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Faith Formation - Adult Faith/RCIA


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RCIA is the program by which non-Catholics learn more about the Catholic faith.  If you are interested in becoming Catholic, contact Deacon Dave De Young at 757-6555 ext. 201 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


RCIA (St. Mary's RCIA Program Information click here)

 RCIA is for adults who:

  • Are interested in learning about the Catholic Faith

  • Have never been baptized 

  • Were baptized a different Christian faith and now seek entrance into the Catholic Church

  • Are baptized Catholics who have not yet received the Sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation

  • Are married to a Catholic and attend Mass and would like to take the next step to become a member of the Catholic Church

  • Are Catholic but want to learn more about their Faith

RCIA is a spiritual formation process beginning in September and ending with initiation into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. Classes are taught by Deacon Dave De Young. These classes are for anyone with interest no matter your current denomination. Please encourage your friends and neighbors with interest in Catholicism to come by.

Catholicism 101.  Click here for a brief explanation of the Church's teachings

Click here for Basic Catholic Doctrine

Looking for more links?  Click here

To expedite the process there is a questionnaire to aid us in the process.  For a printable questionnaire please click here.

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Faith Formation - Adult Faith/RCIA


What is Confirmation?

 Holy Spirit Fire and Dove

Adult Confirmation is for those who were baptized Catholic but for whatever reason were not Confirmed.  Since each candidate is different and may have reached a different level of catechesis we ask all those interested to contact Luke Gietman, Director of Religious Education, at 757-6555 ext. 207 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you are an adult interested in the Catholic faith, but were baptized a different faith click here.

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Faith Formation - Adult Faith/RCIA


Current RCIA Program       rcia-logo

Welcome.  Below you will find the RCIA program used at St. Mary's.  On the left are links to these subjects found on various websites.  On the right are the notes used for class discussions. 



Subject Online Date Materials for Discussion
God the Father   The Father, Session 1
The Son of God   The Son of God, Session 2
The Holy Spirit/The Holy Trinity   The Holy Spirit & The Holy Trinity, Session 3
The Story of the People of God   The Story of the People of God, Session 4
The Ten Commandments   The Ten Commandments, Session 5
The Ministry of Jesus/The Paschal Mystery   The Ministry of Jesus & The Paschal Mystery, Session 6

Justification and Merit


Justification and Merit, Session 7

The Church (History)   The Church, Session 8
The Four Marks/The Mystical Body of Christ   Four Marks & Mystical Body, Session 9
Divine Revelation/ The Deposit of Faith   Divine Revelation & The Deposit of Faith, Session 10
Sacramental Living  

Sacramental Living, Session 11

Baptism & Confirmation  

Baptism and Confirmation, Session 12

Eucharist/The Mass  

Eucharist & The Mass, Session 13

Penance/ Anointing of the Sick  

Penance & Anointing, Session 14

Holy Orders/ Holy Matrimony  

Holy Orders & Matrimony, Session 15

The Social Teaching of the Church/ Dignity of the Human Person  

Social Teaching & Dignity of the Human Person, Session 16

Natural Law  

Natural Law, Session 17

The Universal Call to Holiness  

The Universal Call to Holiness, Session 18

Mary, Mother of God  

Mary, Mother of God, Session 19


Virtue, Session 20


Prayer, Session 21

The Last Things  

The Last Things, Session 22





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